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How can I write sparql query where I can compare the variables (?a, ?b), if I have the following eg? (something's wrong with this eg?):

<ont:XXXXX rdf:about="http://www.myOntDomain#C">
   <ro:part_of rdf:resource="http://www.myOntDomain#A">
   <ro:part_of rdf:resource="http://www.myOntDomain#B">

This doesn't give me what I want:

select ?s ?a ?b
where {
   ?s a ont:XXXXX; ro:part_of ?a; ro:part_of ?b .
   filter(str(?a) = "http://www.myOntDomain#A" && str(?b) = "http://www.myOntDomain#B")

I want:

http://www.myOntDomain#C http://www.myOntDomain#A http://www.myOntDomain#B

Many thanks in advance.

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Your question, or rather your intent, is rather unclear because the only unknown in your query as you have written it is :C. You already know the identities of :A and :B, because you're quoting their URI's in the query itself.

I can think of two interpretations of what you're trying to do:

First, you just want to know the ?s which is an ont:XXXXX and has part_of :A and :B :

select ?s where {
    ?s a ont:XXXXX ;
       ro:part_of <http://www.myOntDomain#A> ;
       ro:part_of <http://www.myOntDomain#B>

Alternatively, you want to know the ?s which is an ont:XXXXX and which has (at least) two distinct parts:

select ?s ?a ?b where {
    ?s a ont:XXXXX ;
       ro:part_of ?a, ?b
       FILTER (?a != ?b)

If neither of these match what you're actually trying to do, you'll need to make the question clearer.

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