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I have phabricator set up. Being relatively green with git, what's the sane/proper way to make sure that I can have my own configuration files (and possibly some hacks in other files) coexist with what comes in from upstream?

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Keep your changes on a separate branch. Let's assume that you track the upstream changes in a vendor branch, and you work on the master branch. Then you would do something like this to bring in upstream updates:

  • Switch to the vendor branch:

    git checkout vendor
  • Pull in the new updates:

    git pull
  • Switch to your master branch:

    git checkout master
  • Merge the changes:

    git merge vendor
  • Fix conflicts and commit.

Going into a little more detail...assume your upstream repository is http://github.com/spiffy/project.git, and you want to track the master branch. Clone the repository:

$ git clone http://github.com/spiffy/project.git
$ cd project

You want to track the upstream changes in a vendor branch and do your own work in the master branch. Start by renaming the existing master branch to vendor:

$ git branch -m master vendor

This preserves the configuration set up by the clone operation:

$ git config --get-regexp 'branch.vendor.*'
branch.vendor.remote origin
branch.vendor.merge refs/heads/master

And now create your master branch:

$ git checkout -b master

And have at it!

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Sweet, that's what I was looking for. Thanks. –  ntl0ve May 15 '12 at 10:05

The easiest way is to ensure these are different files, and that your local content is referenced by .gitignore. Barring that ability, you'll need to exclude your hacks on each commit.

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