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I'm currently trying to create a load test for my API using soapUI to send Adobe Message Format requests. I have a request that expects a byte[] data type, but I know next to nothing about Groovy or Java.

I've pieced together information from different threads and I'm trying to create a property expansion along the lines of "${byte[] contents = new File("C:/Users/jloiselle/Desktop/TestDragon.png").getBytes()}" which obviously does not work.

Can anyone help me out or at least point me in the right direction?

Thanks in Advance

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You have the correct way of getting the bytes of the file;

new File("C:/Users/jloiselle/Desktop/TestDragon.png").bytes

How are you trying to send this array to the request?

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After lookin at the soapUI tutorials again, I realized I was attempting to reference the property incorrectly.

The solution was as follows:

In the script window of my request I added:

def temp = new File("C:/Users/jloiselle/Desktop/TestDragon.png").bytes

parameters['contents'] = temp

Thanks for the verifying the syntax for geting the bytes of a file.

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