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I set a cursor image with css:

    display: block; 
    position: absolute; 
    width: 960px; 
    height: 300px; 
    cursor: url(../imgs/cursor_up.png), auto;

This style is applied to a div so that when I rollover this div I see the cursor as an image:

<div id="scroll_up">...</div>

I wrote a function in order to change the cursor image after N loops:

$("#scroll_up").css({ cursor : "url(imgs/cursor_down.png)" });

But it's not working... Any suggestion?


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Could it be that you start with ../ in the cursor_up.png URL and that is missing in the switch to the cursor_down.png cursor? –  Don Cruickshank May 14 '12 at 22:06
That's because the first part of the code is a css stylesheet. –  Barlafuzzy May 15 '12 at 9:28

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I found the solution:

$("#scroll_dwn").css({ "cursor" : "url(imgs/cursor_up.png), auto" });

The "auto" at the end makes the difference. Hope it helps!

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