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I have an Email document which has a sent_at date field:

  'sent_at': Date( 1336776254000 )

If this Email has not been sent, the sent_at field is either null, or non-existant.

I need to get the count of all sent/unsent Emails. I'm stuck at trying to figure out the right way to query for this information. I think this is the right way to get the sent count:

db.emails.count({sent_at: {$ne: null}})

But how should I get the count of the ones that aren't sent?

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If the sent_at field is not there when its not set then:

db.emails.count({sent_at: {$exists: false}})

If its there and null, or not there at all:

db.emails.count({sent_at: null})

Refer here for querying and null:

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You can use an $or to search for both conditions.

    { "sent_at": { $exists: false } },
    { "sent_at": null }
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This is the same as db.emails.count({"sent_at": null}). –  Messa Sep 16 at 14:33

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