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I'm using maven replacer plugin with below configuration


My project structure is api/src/main/java/ I want replacer plugin to generate files in this structure - publicapi/src/main/java/ whereas with current configuration, plugin generates files like this -publicapi/api/src/main/java/

I don't want "api" directory in between. Is there any property available in this plugin which can solve my problem.

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Based on the docs it looks like outputDirectory is what you are searching for.

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Yes, but if i uses outputDir/outputBasedir,it copies the source from parent directory (i.e api/src/main/java). I want to copy from src/main/java java only, don't want to include api while copying so that i can have my directory structure like publicapi/src/main/java rather having it like publicapi/api/src/main/java – Pankaj May 15 '12 at 17:15

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