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I can use Spannable in TextViews to create spans with different looks, underlines, strikethroughs and such. How can I do the same to alter line wrapping behavior? In particular, I don't want an email address to wrap in the middle, I want it to act like one word.

I tried WrapTogetherSpan, but I couldn't get it to work. It looks like it is only used by DynamicLayout, and I could not force the TextView to use DynamicLayout.


How I'm setting the spannable:

WrapTogetherSpan TOGETHER_SPAN = new WrapTogetherSpan() {};
String collectedString = getString(R.string.email_sentence, userEmail);
int emailOffset = collectedString.indexOf(userEmail);
Spannable emailSpannable = Spannable.Factory.getInstance()
emailSpannable.setSpan(TOGETHER_SPAN, emailOffset,
    emailOffset + userEmail.length(),
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Have you tried adding android:singleLine="true" to your XML?

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No, because I want up to two lines. I just want the email address to wrap together as one word. – pforhan May 15 '12 at 15:56
Apologies, I didn't understand that before. Makes a lot more sense now why you were trying to do it with a spannable. :) – Barak May 15 '12 at 16:15

Don't know if you have found an answer to it but you can use unicode to help you out.

there is a non-break space character, so you will need to replace all the spaces you want to be unbreakable with this character (\u00A0)

for an example

String text = "Hello World";
text.replace(' ', '\u00A0');

by the way I've looked for a span solution and couldn't find one, WrapTogetherSpan is just an interface so it wouldn't work...

but with this method I'm sure you could make a custom unbreakable span if you want.

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Well, this works for spaces. But in the case of an email address as mentioned in the question, it doesn't help. I might be able to stick invisible characters like U+FEFF or U+2060 in there, but that's just annoying, since it would have to be between every charactetr. – pforhan Aug 22 '14 at 15:14

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