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Can I read credentials using VMC, When I create a new service in Cloud Foundry?

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No, there is no such functionality in vmc (or any other cloudfoundry deploy tool). What you can do is log the contents of the environmental variable in a server startup listener (depending on the technology you are using) and afterwards read the log using the logs or files command

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If you are using Micro Cloud Foundry, then you can just SSH to the instance. Then you can see the credentials. I found this useful while developing (even when the eventual target is cloudfoundry.com).

For example:

less /var/vcap/data/dea/apps/JASPERREPORTS-SERVER-CE-0-f8799b0219bcd5e34a623c42bb5d23d8/env.log:
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I was able to use the "cf tunnel" command to get info about a newly created service.

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