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I have a script that generates a log file with ANSI color codes in them like so:

[2012-05-14 18:00:02] ^[[0mINF: -- Starting update script --^[[0m
[2012-05-14 18:00:29] ^[[91mERR: Improper date, entry being ignored.^[[0m

Is there any way to get Vim to understand these color codes?

Thanks for any help.

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Use Charles Campbell's (Dr Chip) AnsiEsc plugin:





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I had to change 91m and 93m to 31m and 33m, respectively, but it worked beautifully otherwise. Thanks. – Blake May 15 '12 at 1:40
Change them where? (the vba file is pretty hairy...) I'm still getting some escape sequences instead of colors... – fakeleft May 1 at 10:08
Nevermind. The colours are applied, but I think I need to recompile vim with the 'conceal' feature to hide the escape sequences. – fakeleft May 1 at 10:23

I'm not sure about vim, but if you're just viewing a log file (ie you don't need to be able to edit) you could use less:

less -R
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Thanks for the tip! – Blake May 15 '12 at 1:41

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