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In this wiki (, the creator of flask (or whomever wrote the wiki) recommends the directory structure of seperate module folders with model, view, controller files under it. Most other places I see a models, view, controller, form folder and all the modules are lumped together under them. Is there a good reason to choose one way over the other?

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I'd say it depends on the app's size.

  • For small to tiny apps you can have one flat package or even a single file.
  • If your app is medium-sized, one level of grouping (models, views, forms) will do.
  • If the app is going to be larger, two levels are better. If the modules of the app are tightly interconnected, then maybe you can split first into model/view, then by module, but usually modularization is all about making them independent, so it's logical to split by module, then, for large modules, into model/view.
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