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I have a messaging function in my site that when a user clicks on a reply button they get redirected to the message and have the textarea focus based from the anchor link.

so the link structure is like this:



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Can you clarify your question? What do you need? What have you tried? –  Kevin Bedell May 15 '12 at 1:37
you have a bunch of messages, the #reply is an anchor link, when a user clicks on that, he will be linked to the message with the textarea already in focus. –  Harvey Katrina May 15 '12 at 1:42

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if (window.location.hash) {
  $(window.location.hash).attr("tabindex", -1).focus();

It should check if the url has a hash in it, and if it does, give the target the tabindex attribute with a value of -1 and apply focus.

See http://stackoverflow.com/a/6188217/430191 for the reason for the tabindex attribute (a related issue about keyboard focus in IE/Chrome/Safari)

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