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Long time Stack Overflow lurker here. I've found many solutions to my problems, but having spent a few days researching this I feel it's time to ask...

I have a site where I'd like to perform an ajax POST with the contents of a textarea as the status text. In other words, I want to make a custom Tweet Box that uses @anywhere to authenticate rather than OAuth.

The reasons I want to write a tweet box from scratch instead of using the one provided by Twitter are:

  1. Capture onclick events to perform additional functions (the site could be considered a Web App - the tweet the user writes should be instantly placed in a ul with some other tweets)
  2. Full customisability of the box (JQuery animations, @media queries etc.)
  3. Percentage width (!!!)

I realise that I can achieve all of these by going down the OAuth route - however, the @anywhere protocol is really cool, and getting it working this way would minimise development time greatly.

Thanks for the help! Nabil

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