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I'm currently drawing a string to a canvas with a specified font. I would, however, like to scale this font based on the window size.

Given a target string, how do I find the point size of a particular font face so that printing the target string will be either h units tall, or w units wide? Is there a linear relationship between point size and font dimensions?

I can think of very smelly ways to determine a relative point size (pick an arbitrary size and shrink / grow until the dimensions are within some epsilon of the target), but would rather do it more cleanly.

I want to do this with fonts-only, if possible, and not resort to affine transformations.

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For the best metrics, I prefer TextLayout, illustrated here, but deriveFont(), suggested by @StanislavL among the answers here, is surprisingly agile and not at all malodorous.

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Ballpark? Perish the thought! –  trashgod May 15 '12 at 5:45

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