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I am facing problem regarding jquery button click,

Here, the link what I am going to achive

Cam you help to debug this. Thanks, When I click to submit button, it seems that the click button is not running, Thanks

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You need to change:

$(".sendbutton_form1").click(function() {...


 $("#sendbutton_form1").click(function() {...

Because your selector on the button is the id, not the class.

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Change $(".sendbutton_form1").click(function() { ... to $("#sendbutton_form1").click(function() { and it works.

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$(".sendbutton_form1").click(function() {


$("#sendbutton_form1").click(function() {

You were referring to the classname "sendbutton_form1" in the former where it should have been referring to an ID.

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