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I am familiar with jwinauto for windows applications however I am looking for a better tool to automate the test of Windows Applications developed in Java or JRuby or Jython.

I have seen white for automating tests on web application and windows application by accessing the controls and automating them. However I want to find a white equivalent for windows applications (written in Java) preferably that is open source.

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FEST is a nice tool to test Java UIs.

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Thanks Thomas... but im looking out for tools which can test GUI Applications apart from Java based GUI Apps... – user1395264 May 15 '12 at 9:29

You can use the robot framework. It is written in python and can be run with jython.

Robot framework is a keyword driven testing framework. Keywords can be written in python, but if you're running with jython you can also create keywords out of POJOs (plain ol' java objects).

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