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I want to optimize Performance by using threading.

public delegate int DelegateGetMarkOfSubject(int subjectid, int studentid);

int TotalMark = 0;

public void GetTotalMark(int StudentId)    
    TotalMark = 0;

    List<Subjects> lstSubj = GetSubjectList(StudentId);
    Waithandle[] waitHandler = new waitHandler[10];

    DelegateGetMarkOfSubject delmarkOfSubj = new DelegateGetMarkOfSubject(GetMark);

    foreach(var subject in lstSubj)
        IAsync = delmarkOfSubj.BeginInvoke(, StudentId, new AsyncCallBack(GetMarkComplete), null);

    return TotalMark;

GetMarkComplete(Iasynch argument)
    DelegateGetMarkOfSubject  del = (DelegateGetMarkOfSubject )((Asynchresult ar)).AsynDelegate;

    newMark = del.EndInvoke(argument)


        TotalMark += newMark;

        //Release Lock
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I'm failing to see the question. –  robrich May 15 '12 at 5:44 –  L.B May 15 '12 at 5:51
Sounds like a perfect fit for .Net 5... Await()! –  Jeremy Thompson May 15 '12 at 5:58

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Why don't you use PLINQ?

class Subject
    public Int32 Mark { get; set; }

        var subjects = new List<Subject>
            new Subject { Mark = 50 },
            new Subject { Mark = 75 },
            new Subject { Mark = 81 },

        Console.WriteLine(subjects.AsParallel().Sum(subject => subject.Mark));
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I was just about to add a very similar answer. PLINQ is pretty darn perfect. The OP could also consider using Rx (System.Reactive) as an alternative too. –  Enigmativity May 15 '12 at 6:44

Here's the Reactive Framework (Rx) version of your code:

var totalMarks = (
    from subject in lstSubj.ToObservable()
    from mark in Observable.Start(() => GetMark(, StudentId))
    select mark).Sum().Last();

This produces the result in parallel too.

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