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When i installed .msi file, I am getting generated shortcuts on start menu and desktop, but when i am uninstalling the desktop shortcut getting removed but start menu. My code is bellow. Please help me to solve my problem. I have spent almost 1 day behind this.

<Directory Id="ProgramMenuFolder">
   <Directory Id="ProgramMenuSubfolder" Name="Kiosk">
      <Component Id="ApplicationShortcuts" Guid="12345678-1234-1234-1234-333333333333">
         <Shortcut Id="ApplicationShortcut1" Name="Kiosk" Description="Solusoft Product" Target="[INSTALLDIR]AMP\\mpkiosk.exe" WorkingDirectory="INSTALLDIR"/>
         <RegistryValue Root="HKCU" Key="Software\Kiosk" Name="installed" Type="integer" Value="1" KeyPath="yes"/>
         <RemoveFolder Id="ApplicationShortcut1" On="uninstall"/>
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I don't know much about installers but should this really be tagged as HTML5? –  dpp May 15 '12 at 6:28

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You have a mistake in your code.

Instead of:

<RemoveFolder Id="ApplicationShortcut1" On="uninstall"/>


<RemoveFolder Id="ProgramMenuSubfolder" On="uninstall"/>

This should do it.

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In my case, on the component, I had GUID="*" and the shorcuts weren't removed.

I used a hardcoded GUID like: Guid="cc509cb7-c1a1-46cf-8c62-7cbb0017783c" and the shortcuts were removed.


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There is the code below that i'm using in my project. Hope, it will helps. I think you could use 'RemoveFile' instead 'RemoveFolder' and don't forget to put 'Name' attribute inside.

            <RegistryKey Action="createAndRemoveOnUninstall" Root="HKCU"
                <RegistryValue Name="ShortcutService"
                               Type="integer" Value="1"
            <Shortcut Advertise="no" Directory="ApplicationProgramsFolder"
            <RemoveFile Id="remove_serviceshort" Name="ServiceCC" On="uninstall"/>
            <RemoveFolder Id="ApplicationProgramsFolder" On="uninstall"/>
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