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In GWT I need a composite similar to Eclipse View

  • view composite contains other composites which are placed vertically.

  • first row is a View toolbar with multiple PushButton. User clicks them to execute some action. Toolbar has to be aligned to right side of the view composite.

  • composites placed in second and subsequent rows are used to display some values. These are to be aligned to left side of the view composite.

    • View

With following code snippet i am able to align the toolbar to right and place rest of composites on left

CaptionPanel view = new CaptionPanel("Eclipse like view");
VerticalPanel vPanel = new VerticalPanel();

ViewToolbar toolbar = new ViewToolbar();   // custom composite

ViewContent viewContent = new ViewContent(); // custom composite

This works as required. But I don't know whether tweaking horizontal alignment like this is a good idea.

Is there any better way to align some composites to the right side and others to left side of the panel.

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In my opinion, using things like HasHorizontalAlignment.ALIGN_LEFT is a good way if it has to be never changed.

another way to do it could be using CSS declaration and methods like myThing.addStyleName( myCustomStyle )

or using uibinder's way with style declarations

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Additionally, I would recommend to use a simple FlowPanel instead of the (HTML table based) VerticalPanel, because you don't need the setHorizontalAlignment() method anymore. – Chris Lercher May 15 '12 at 10:15

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