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I get an "Expected Identifier" message against the if line. Any ideas why?

    if ([inputA.text isEqualToString:@""]) && ([inputB.text <> isEqualToString:@""]) { 
        c = 1;

I'm trying to say it both inputs are empty... I presume there isn't an easier way to say if the text is null in Obj C++?

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An if statement requires that its condition expression be enclosed in parentheses. You have a compound expression. You've used parentheses around the subexpressions of the logical AND operation (&&), but you haven't surrounded the entire expression in parentheses. (The subexpressions don't actually require parentheses in this case, but they don't hurt.)

Next, you have a random <> in the second subexpression. What is that doing in there? In some languages that is the "not equal" operator, but a) it's not an operator in C or Objective-C, b) it wouldn't go inside a message-send expression like that, and c) you claim you were trying to check that both inputs are empty, so I wouldn't expect you to try to negate the test for equality with the empty string.

So, fixing just those problems yields:

if ([inputA.text isEqualToString:@""] && [inputB.text isEqualToString:@""]) { 
    c = 1;

That said, pie's answer is good, too. It also works if either of the inputs has a nil text property, too.

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Apologies for such a basic mistake. A little too many trees from the wood syndrome and not enough time reading C. Yes that works perfectly and now understand the parenthesising hierarchy. –  Edward Hasted May 15 '12 at 19:25
if ([inputA.text length]==0 && [inputB.text length]==0)
    c = 1;
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Useful, tip learnt. –  Edward Hasted May 15 '12 at 19:25

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