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I wrote a taglib which executes some logic and renders some data weaved into HTML. When I use the taglib in a view, the taglib expects to find the template in a relative subfolder of the view. Is there a way in which I can make the taglib pick up the template from a common folder like the layouts/ folder in view. This is how the taglib code looks:

class IconifiedTextTagLib { 

def renderIconText = { attrs, body ->   
                 //some processing logic to generate the modelMap
         out << render(template:"taglibTemplates/iconText", model:modelMap)

When I use the <g:renderIconText /> tag in say a controller named A, then it expects the taglibTemplates/iconText to be present in the views/A/ folder. This is a problem because I need to be able to use it from multiple controllers. I need a way to put the templates in a folder like layouts/ so that it can be used in all the views. Any thoughts on how I can do this?

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Put template into views/taglibTemplates/ and try:

out << render(template:"/taglibTemplates/iconText", model:modelMap)

or into `views/A/', and

out << render(template:"/A/iconText", model:modelMap)
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Well turns out the leading / was missing. Thanks for pointing that out. –  Ritesh M Nayak May 15 '12 at 9:15

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