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Simple (probably stupid) question. I'm a Powershell novice and am mainly using it to instantiate managed libraries so I don't have to write little apps when I need to use members from them. Some of these libraries are old and have methods with long, painful signatures. Using get-member after instantiating with new-object, I've often run into frustrating results like this:

PS> $object | get-member MethodWithLongSignature

TypeName: SomeLib.SomeObject

Name                      MemberType Definition
----                      ---------- ----------
MethodWithLongSignature   Method     System.Void MethodWithLongSignature(string param1, int param2, string param3, string param4, stri....

Is there any way to wrap the results of get-member? Alternatively, is there a switch for get-member that will produce the results in a manner that won't wrap?

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Output in table structures are auto-formatted to fit the width of the screen, truncating long values in the process if necessary.

Pipe the results into the format-list command to get verbose, vertical formatting of the results.

PS> $object | get-member MethodWithLongSignature | format-list
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That's the one. Thanks! –  AJ. Jun 29 '09 at 18:48

Format-Table has a -Wrap switch to wrap the last column. Since the last column of the output of Get-Member is pretty big already, this will produce readable results.

Another option is Format-Wide (but it doesn't wrap, so you are limited to console width):

Get-Process | Get-Member | Format-Wide Definition -Column 1
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I couldn't find something built in that allowed to to word-wrap to an arbitrary width, so I wrote one - a bit verbose but here it is:

function wrapText( $text, $width=80 )
    $words = $text -split "\s+"
    $col = 0
    foreach ( $word in $words )
        $col += $word.Length + 1
        if ( $col -gt $width )
            Write-Host ""
            $col = $word.Length + 1
        Write-Host -NoNewline "$word "
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I think you meant to reset $col to zero inside the if loop, yes? –  Ryan Ries May 13 at 19:46

You can also try format-table -wrap , like :

(get-process -id 3104 ).startinfo.EnvironmentVariables | format-table -wrap

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