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Is it possible to run the django celery crontab very 30 seconds DURING SPECIFIC HOURS?

There are only settings for minutes, hours and days.

I have the crontab working, but I'd like to run it every 30 seconds, as opposed to every minute.


Is it possible to turn the interval on for 30 seconds, and turn on the interval schedule only for a certain period of the day?

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Very first example they have in the documentation is...

Example: Run the tasks.add task every 30 seconds.

from datetime import timedelta

    "runs-every-30-seconds": {
        "task": "tasks.add",
        "schedule": timedelta(seconds=30),
        "args": (16, 16)
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I need it to run every 30 seconds DURING SPECIFIC HOURS. I too came across the very first example they have in the documentation. –  snakesNbronies May 16 '12 at 19:15
@thong: you didn't make that very clear in the question –  vartec May 16 '12 at 20:10

If you really need to do this and you need a solution quickly, you could resort to adding: sleep into your script. (obviously you'd need to add a parameter to your script to setup the sleep time to either 0 or 30 seconds and add the script twice to crontab, once with 0 as the parameter, secondly with 30).

Please don't down vote me on this! It's a solution, albeit I'm making it very clear this is not an ideal solution.

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Thanks for your suggestion! –  snakesNbronies May 16 '12 at 19:16

I would go with your alternative solution by scheduling another task to enable/disable the primary task:

# tasks.py
from djcelery.models import PeriodicTask

def toggle_thirty_second_task:
    # you would use whatever you named your task below
    thirty_second_tasks = PeriodicTask.objects.filter(name='runs-every-30-seconds')
    if thirty_second_tasks:
        # this returned an array, so we'll want to look at the first object
        thirty_second_task = thirty_second_tasks[0]
        # toggle the enabled value
        thirty_second_task.enabled = not thirty_second_task.enabled

Then just schedule this task using a crontab for the hours that you need to toggle. Alternatively, you could have a task scheduled to turn it on and one to turn it off and not deal with the toggling logic.

Hope this helps.


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