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I am an iPhone developer.

I am using sqlite manager (SQlite 3) for data base creation in iPhone.

I added sqlite manager add-on to the firefox. in my MAC

I need to create a data base table with 30 columns.

But sqlite manager allows only 20 columns. after adding 20 columns no columns are displayed to add

How should i add the more than 20 columns in sqlite data base

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What is "sqlite manager"? (post a link) – trojanfoe May 15 '12 at 8:43
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There are various ways to do it.

<> You can write SQL query to create db.

<> You can use other SQLite tools for databse creation: : use MesaSQLite :it is a GUI tool with more features.

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With sqlite manager you can do this too. Initially create table with 20 columns. After that select table from left panel. On the right side you will see option to add column where you can specify Name, Type, Not Null, Default attribute of column.

Other answer is also useful but thought you may find this useful too if you are willing to use sqlite manager only.

Hope this helps.

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