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I've been looking for something like that but I couldn't find it. I want my program to do smth when there's any change in ListBox (eg. changing selected item, adding new one, removing one and so)

thanks :P

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ASP.NET,Winforms,WPF,...? –  Tim Schmelter May 15 '12 at 9:01

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You can use the SelectedIndexChanged or SelectedValueChanged events.

For adding or removing items there are no .NET events, so you have to implement that functionality yourself. This SO post explains how you can accomplish that.

Good luck!

PS: I assumed you are using Windows Forms

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thank You very much, I've got it now :) –  Patryk May 15 '12 at 9:07

If you're binding your ListBox to say a BindingList, you can use the BindingLists's ListChanged event. The ListChangedEventArgs has an argument ListChangedType which tells you if an item was added, removed, moved or changed.

You can do similar things with similar collections.

If you're adding or removing items yourself, you can obviously directly tell some other piece of code to execute or you can just create and raise an event yourself, provided you have a ListAdded event:

ListAdded(this, new ListAddedEventArgs() { List = myList, Item = myItem });
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