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Am following the systemtap tutorial online@ http://sourceware.org/systemtap/tutorial/ and I was trying to do some exercise. In 2.3 Q1, the -L option seems never work..I got script

probe kernel.function("*nit*"){}

type on terminal: $ stap-L PROBE t.stp Noting happens and I was searching for long time, there is no information about this option, even on systemtap's website...

Any help?


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$ stap -L 'kernel.function("blahblah")'

Systemtap is great, but poor documentation.

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From man stap (with systemtap*-1.7-2.fc15.x86_64 RPMs installed)

   stap [ OPTIONS ] -l PROBE [ ARGUMENTS ]

   -l PROBE
          Instead of running a probe script, just list all available probe
          points  matching  the given single probe point.  The pattern may
          include wildcards and aliases, but not comma-separated  multiple
          probe  points.  The process result code will indicate failure if
          there are no matches.

          Similar to "-l", but list probe points  and  script-level  local

"probe points" refer to 'kernel.function("blahblah")', etc. There is no keyword "probe" before and no probe handler afterwards.

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