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My graphic design requires all fields in HTML forms to be lowercase. Example:

<tr><th><label for="id_pressure_Hg">pressure Hg</label></th><td><input 
id="id_pressure_Hg" type="text" name="pressure_Hg" /></td></tr> 

Django forms, however, per default make my labels with capital first letter. Since I have a lot of fields and many forms are created from a model (through a modelform), the "label" attribute is not a viable solution.

Is there a way to modify the function which translates field names into field labels?

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stackoverflow.com/questions/9000063/… is the same question, a workaround is presented there –  Klaas van Schelven May 15 '12 at 11:45

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you can try this.


in your forms.py

value = forms.CharField(label=u'', widget=forms.TextInput())

in your HTML file.

    <li>value Value : {{form.value}}</li>

you can modify the form.value in your CSS or JQuery. i has this attribute as an input in html.. id=id_value and name=value

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