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I have register in BSP's the LED:

static struct gpio_led ic_leds[] = {
                .name                   = "led1:green",
                .gpio                   = USER_LED,
                .default_trigger        = "heartbeat",
                .active_low             = 1,

static struct gpio_led_platform_data ic_led_info = {
        .num_leds       = ARRAY_SIZE(ic_leds),
        .leds           = ic_leds,

static struct platform_device ic_leds_device = {
        .name   = "leds-gpio",
        .id     = -1,
        .dev    = {
                .platform_data = &ic_led_info,

static void __init ic_add_device_leds(void)

How can I change the trigger in run time? I know that it's possible with sysfs, but maybe exist another way?

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