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I have this code, however I am unsure of how to access the struct pointers after passing the struct by reference into a function, the program crashes on this line, accessing the pointers doesnt work.


FIXED CODE, thanks to all who answered

    struct Polygon{
    double *xvals, *yvals;
    int numverts;
    typedef struct Polygon pol;
    pol getpoly(pol *polygon);

    int main(){
     pol polygon;

    pol getpoly(pol *polygon){
      polygon->xvals = (double * )malloc(sizeof(double)*polygon->numverts);
      polygon->yvals = (double * )malloc(sizeof(double)*polygon->numverts); 

      int i;


       while(check !=2 ){
        cout<<"enter vertices "<<i<<" (x,y)\n";
        check = scanf("(%lf,%lf)",&polygon->xvals[i],&polygon->yvals[i]);
      polygon->xvals[polygon->numverts-1] = polygon->xvals[0];
      polygon->yvals[polygon->numverts-1] = polygon->yvals[0]; 

    return *polygon;    
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apologies, i didnt explain what was actually going wrong, the program fails where I try to put stuff into the pointers – Eoin Murray May 15 '12 at 9:25
I have edited the tags. There are no references in C. – n.m. May 15 '12 at 9:26
@n.m. There are no references in the code either; it looks like valid C to me (apart from the missing return in main of course). – Mike Seymour May 15 '12 at 9:29
@Mike: and apart from cout <<? – n.m. May 15 '12 at 9:32
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No memory has been allocated for xvals and yvals, they are uninitialsed pointers. numverts is also unintialised. You need to malloc() space for xvals and yvals and initialise numverts:

polygon->numverts = 10;
polygon->xvals = malloc(polygon->numverts * sizeof(double));
polygon->yvals = malloc(polygon->numverts * sizeof(double));

and prevent going beyond the end of these arrays, as this code does:

polygon->xvals[polygon->numverts] = polygon->xvals[0];
polygon->yvals[polygon->numverts] = polygon->yvals[0];

should be:

polygon->xvals[polygon->numverts - 1] = polygon->xvals[0];
polygon->yvals[polygon->numverts - 1] = polygon->yvals[0];

Remember to free() xvals and yvals when no longer required.

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