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I got a problem that actually I do not yet solved. For some reasons I had a request to replace the text used in Html.ActionLink with a more visual design using images as button inside a WebGrid for the usuale operations like modify, duplicate, publish and delete. Reading I have tried many ways but none led me to the final stage:

    var grid = new WebGrid(Model, new List<string>(), canPage: true, rowsPerPage: 5);
        @grid.GetHtml(tableStyle: "webGrid",
        htmlAttributes: new { id = "DataTable" },
        headerStyle: "header",
        alternatingRowStyle: "alt",
        grid.Column("Description", header: "Description"),
        grid.Column("DateCreation", header: "Creation Date"),
        grid.Column("CompanyOwner", header: "Company"),
        grid.Column("Owner", header: "User"),
        grid.Column("Status", header: "Status"),
        grid.Column("Action", header: "Action", 
                          format: (item) => @Url.Action("publish", 
                                                        new { id = item.ID })))

To do that I start with a model created with a linq to entities where I added the column Action, the one that I want to use to place my buttons. How do I place the images to work as buttons as I done in a normal table:

<a href="@Url.Action("PublishPill", new { id = item.ID })">
<img src="../../Images/world_32px.png", alt="Edit" title="Publish" border="0" /></a>  
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See this question and answer:… – Rob Kent May 15 '12 at 9:31
Tha you, solved! – Christian May 15 '12 at 12:50

You can use

grid.Column(header: "Contraseña", format: @<text><a href="@Url.Action("ChangePassword", "Home", new { id = item.Identification })" ><img src="../../Content/images/password.png" alt="" style="border:none;" /></a></text>, style: "colOperation")

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formatting the code would be nice – iwein Oct 20 '12 at 3:07

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