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I'm trying to show a standard MessageBox as a modal window in my application, but it ends up as non modal. In the first call, in the code below I'm showing a standard MessageBox which is shown modal, as it should. In the second call, it isn't shown as modal, even if I grab the main window dispatcher.

Dispatcher disp = Application.Current.MainWindow.Dispatcher;
//First call, shown MODAL
if (this.messageService.ShowYesNo("Do you want to update the Word document, this will regenerate inspectiondata for document", "") == MessageBoxResult.Yes)
    using (new WaitCursor())
        worker = new BackgroundWorker();

        worker.DoWork += delegate(object s, DoWorkEventArgs args)
            AITUpdateProgressDelegate update = new AITUpdateProgressDelegate(UpdateProgress);
            this.docService.UpdateWorddocument(this.docService.GetCurrentDocumentFilePath, update);

        worker.RunWorkerCompleted += delegate(object s, RunWorkerCompletedEventArgs args)
                // Second call NOT MODAL
                    this.messageService.ShowInformation("Document generated, choose Open in Word in main toolbar to show document", "");
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why don't you use WPF Window to make custom messagebox? – Bilal Hashmi May 15 '12 at 9:53
I need to study the documentation a little bit more, a information messagebox is not modal by default, one needs to set owner – klashagelqvist May 15 '12 at 11:08
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This looks like what you are looking for. The call for the message box includes an 'owner' parameter. I have used a similar concept in code that i have done before and has showed the windows as modal. Sample code can also be downloaded from the link.

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You could follow this link to make a custom modal messagebox

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