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I don't understand how to get the code from, more specifically I need the Android Wheel project located here . How to download the code and use it in Eclipse?

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svn checkout android-wheel-read-only

If you dont have svn installed then you can get svn from here

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Here is the link. I have found it on a you tube video.

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this should be accepted answer!!! – dd619 Jan 27 '14 at 7:01

Download the svncheckout software for your operating system. And, after copy the code downloadable link -

After, installing the svncheckout software. Just, right click whever you want to download the folder. There'll be one option like below image -


In that above image, choose the SVN Checkout... After, you'll get the dialog for download the code like below -


Simply given ok. You'll get the code.

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You can also use Visual SVN Server . When you download and install open cmd console of that and paste Your svn checkout.

svn checkout android-wheel-read-only
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First of all you have to download tortoise svn client from here .

Then after installing it you need to set the svn checkout url into tortoise client's URL of Repository .

Right click whenver you want to download the folder. There will be one option like below image -

enter image description here

enter image description here

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