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In Bash I would like to do an ldap query. It went well but in the output it cuts the end of the line when it's a long line.

For example it's fine, it reaches the domain component:

# cn, ou4, ou3, ou2, ou1, dc

When there are organization units with many children, it cuts:

# cn, ou7, ou6, ou5, ou4, ou3

How can I get the whole line every time?

Is it the problem of the linux terminal or something?

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What utility are you using to query the server? Please show your command line invocation. – CodeGnome May 15 '12 at 19:52
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LDIF, defined in rfc2849, may be folded by inserting a line-separator character and a space, except between bytes of a multi-byte UTF-8 character. The utility the client uses to perform a search may have an option to not fold the output lines.

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