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I'm currently trying to use Tuckey and Tomcat to rewrite URLs.

At the moment I'm trying to translate




But after the first ? or & the parameter is cut off and only


is send to the servlet. How can I change that behavior? Is that even possible with Tuckey or do I need to apply some filter which to ensure the characters are not lost?

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Embedding ? and & in URLs like that really isn't valid. You should URL encode those strings. For example, in Java, use

URLEncoder.encode(id, "UTF-8")
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In my case (SEO implentation), the Url will be requested by Google Search Engine, and that will be like http://mysiteurl.com/?_escaped_fragment_=queryParamVal Here, I can't skip or ecncode ?. How do I fix this?? –  Aryan Venkat May 23 '14 at 4:41

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