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Is there a shortcut to move the cursor to the last character of the word?

If there isn't, how to write some functions in .emacs to have?

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There is (forward-word) that is bounded to M-f

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ESC f will move you forward one word, is that close enough to what you need?

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How about this:

(defun my-end-of-word ()
  "Move to the next 'last character' of a word."
  (re-search-forward "\\w\\b" nil t)
  (goto-char (match-beginning 0)))
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As already noted, forward-word exists and moves point to the character after the next word. If that does it for you, you're done.

If you'd actually like to move point to the last character of the next word, you'll need to move it back afterwards, which means using backward-char. You can already do that using M-f C-b, but if you'd like a function you can bind to a single keystroke, use something like

(defun last-in-word ()

and then bind it to the desired key as normal.

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