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error screenshot

During compile time JSON.encode error appearing though I've downloaded the latest API, It's a Flash Professional Project.

        private function connect(id:String):void {  
          Facebook.init(id, initHandler);
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JSON is now an intrinsic class in as3, if you're using you should specify the complete package when using it, like this:


in stead of


See here:

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Either you didn't add com.adobe.serialization.json to imports or didn't add as3lib to your project. Also, if you're trying to build your app with FlexSDK 4.6 then JSON is included in the default package but encode was renamed to stringify and decode was renamed to parse

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I've downloaded the complete Facebook api package, that comes with com.adobe.images, come.adobe.serialization.json, facebook.graph.* packages, the serialization json was imported as well, I didn't add as3lib to project, upon search for as3lib, it's directing me to another url,, Please advise further – iPhone Developer May 15 '12 at 11:24

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