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I have this jQuery validation control in my form. It's working:


  if($("#edit-submitted-name-surname").val() == "" || $("#edit-submitted-name-surname").val() == "Name Surname"){

        return false;
    }else if($("#edit-submitted-telephone").val() == "" || $("#edit-submitted-telephone").val() == "Telephone"){

        return false;
    }else if($("#edit-submitted-e-posta").val() == "" || $("#edit-submitted-e-posta").val() == "E-MAIL"){

        return false;

    }else{  if($("#edit-submitted-messages").text() == "" || $("#edit-submitted-messages").text() == "Message"){

                return false;
        return true;

But when the user leaves the field empty or write's wrong in this fields, i want to show an alert. For example, "Please enter email address""

How can i do this?

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Using an alert box:

if($("#edit-submitted-name-surname").val() == "" || $("#edit-submitted-name-surname").val() == "Name Surname")
alert("Please input your name");
return false;

Using divs:


<input type = "text" name = "edit-submitted-name-surname" id = "edit-submitted-name-surname" />
<div class = "error" id = "name_error">Please input your name</div>


.error{ display: none; color: red;}


Put this at the top of the function: $('.error').hide();

if($("#edit-submitted-name-surname").val() == "" || $("#edit-submitted-name-surname").val() == "Name Surname")
    return false;
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I don't want alert windows, its must seen text view. –  Karmacoma May 15 '12 at 11:22

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