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Now I have 3 lines (LINESTRING) with 3 different geometry values.

Line#1 : "11AABB"
Line#2 : "22CCDD"
Line#3 : "33EEFF"

How to merge these lines into a single line via PostGIS function ?

I use to know that It use ST_LineMerge or ST_Union But I'm not sure how to use it with geometry values.

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could you be more specific?

with the examples you provided you could try this:

SELECT ST_Union('11AABB'::geometry , ST_Union('22CCDD'::geometry,'33EEFF'::geometry ) );

your geometry values are invalid, but this is the correct sintax of the query you want. You should get this error with the example you provided: "ERROR: parse error - invalid geometry"

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