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According to what I have found so far, I can use the following code:

    LocalSessionFactoryBean sessionFactory = (LocalSessionFactoryBean)super.getApplicationContext().getBean("&sessionFactory");

but then I get a Hibernate Exception: org.hibernate.HibernateException: No local DataSource found for configuration - dataSource property must be set on LocalSessionFactoryBean

Can somebody shed some light?

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Try the following (I can't test it since I don't use Spring):

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On the versions of Hibernate that I've checked, getConfiguration is not a public method of SessionFactory. In a few desperate cases, I've cast a Session or SessionFactory into its underlying implementation to get at some values that weren't publicly available. In this case that would be:


Of course, that's dangerous because it could break if they change the implementation. I usually only do this for optimizations that I can live without and then wrap the whole thing in a try/catch Throwable block just to make sure it won't hurt anything if it fails. A better idea might be to set the value yourself when you initialize Hibernate so you already know what it is from the beginning.

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Note that the sessionFactory variable in the question is not an instance of Hibernate's SessionFactory; it's of LocalSessionFactoryBean, which is a Spring class. –  SamS Sep 20 '08 at 6:50

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