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Is there a working way to remove all replication options set in a Lotus Notes database (using java)?

I have tried the following approach:

I changed replication settings (added formula, enabled/disabled flags in "Advanced" tab, etc).

Then I invoked the code:

Replication replication = currentDb.getReplicationInfo();
ReplicationEntry any2AnyEntry = replication.getEntry("-", "-");
ReplicationEntry any2ThisSrvEntry = replication.getEntry("-", currentDb.getServer());

if an entry is not null I invoke someReplicationEntry.remove(); and after that I call replication.save();

But when I check replication options in the Notes client, there are the same settings, which were before.

How can I reset replication options to the state like the state for a just created Notes database? Is there a way? (tried replication.reset() with save, but without success).

Thank you.

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Don't call the replication.save() after the remove() as you are just creating the document again.

Sample code detailed here:


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thank you, Simon. –  Peter Dawson May 24 '12 at 17:24

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