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Which way is the best to show message in Controller? Is must showing count articles.

$c = count($articles);

if($c == 0) {
  return "On site are 0 articles";
} elseif ($c == 1){
  return "On site is 1 article";
} else {
  return "On site are" . $c . "articles";


if($c == 1) {
  $text1 = 'is';
  $text2 = 'article'
} else {
  $text1 = 'are';
  $text2 = 'articles'

return "On site" . $text1 . $c . $text2;

Maybe others ways?

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You might use an external pluralization class.

A short Google research returned this:

Use it like:

echo 'On site ' . $c==1 ? 'is ' : 'are ' . isInflect.pluralize_if($c, 'article') . '.';

Pretty sure there are other libraries which also pluralize/singularize the verb (is/are).

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if($c > 0))
    return "There are $c article(s) on this site.";
    return "There are no articles on this site.";

Something like that?

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You're sort of neglecting that the OP is trying to properly pluralize the word "article". – jprofitt May 15 '12 at 12:10

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