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In my project i need to customize the toobar section of mediawiki editor. I read the article: Extension:WikiEditor/Toolbar customization on

In the basic step they specified like: "So, to customizing the toolbar, put in your User:YourUserName/common.js a code such as this:.."

I didn't get the idea regarding this...

So please help me in order to customize the toolbar

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Users can define custom javascript code in MediaWiki by editing the wiki page User:<username>/common.js (you need to enable $wgAllowUserJs for it to work). For sites that you administer, you don't want to do that; instead place the script in the wiki page MediaWiki:Common.js, which affects every user and visitor.

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Also, don't be surprised if some of the instuctions in the WikiEditor customization manual do not work. – Tgr May 16 '12 at 20:54

You need to do two steps:

  1. Edit the file mediawiki\includes\EditPage.php. It is a good idea first to make a copy of it. The function to edit is getEditToolbar. Edit the $toolarray. You can find plenty of example code via Google, here is one example for various common edit buttons.

  2. Add images to mediawiki\skins\common\images. These are the images for the buttons. You can find example images here.

Please remember - if you upgrade your software you will need manually to merge the EditPage.php file.

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Don't edit core files. Don't follow advice based on a 5 year old discussion thread, MediaWiki has changed a lot since then. – Krinkle Aug 28 '12 at 14:11
The code in the "here is one example" link (which adds buttons by modifying mwCustomEditButtons[mwCustomEditButtons.length]) worked for me for the version of MediaWiki installed on The code suggested by other sources (e.g. did not work for me. – Qwertie Sep 8 '13 at 20:27

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