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I have a section in file1 which should be moved to file2. Normally I'd do this by visually-selecting the block, deleting it, :wq from file1, open file2, then paste.

Is there an easy way to move a block of text from file to file2 without closing vim?

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You could open your new file in a split using :sp newfile and then delete the block as normal from your first file. Then, change to the other split with ctrl w and w. Then use p to put the deleted content into the other file.

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  1. write selection to new file:'<,'>w file2

  2. then reselect and delete with gvd

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Great answer. I think this should be the one marked correct. – ifightcrime Mar 25 '14 at 19:35
Alternatively to append to a file use :'<,'>!cat >> other_file – Frank May 22 '15 at 13:12

You could open the file in a new buffer.

just open the file via :e file2 and paste the text. To move quickly between the buffers use either :e # or :b #

see :help buffers for more information

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Since no one mentioned that: you can use tabs instead.

  1. Select your block.

  2. Delete it with d

  3. Create a new buffer in new tab with :tabnew newfile.name

  4. Paste it and save it with p and :w

  5. You can go back with gT or close current tab with :q

I personally newer use buffers -- only tabs. Read more about them in :help tabpage

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