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I am new to kohana and also relatively to php.

I have a simple URI encoding function, which mimics that of JS %100, unlike that of PHP's.

I want to use this function in certain classes but I don't want to define it in each and every one of them.

So, how can I define a global function to be used in all places?

(I don't want to create a class for a 3 line code function)

Thank you!

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Overload the core URL helper class. Add your function as a static method.

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Override your desire to avoid good OO principles. Create a new class and make a static public function. Don't create bad-old global functions.

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function yourFunction( ) {
    return 'your result';

How about that? Just write that in a file that always gets included and you're good to go. Don't go making a static class just for the sake of thinking you're doing OO, there's no point.

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You can put your global function in you bootstrap (APPPATH/bootstrap.php) though I recommend extending the core URL helper class (assuming you're on Kohana 3.x) by creating a new file at APPPATH/classes/url.php:

class URL extends Kohana_URL {

    public static function encode($uri)
        // ...


It's almost always worth the 3 lines of code. Kohana was designed for you to override its core classes. Your code will be more maintainable.

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