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Hi I have a single table with 80,000+ rows (tag feeds) of which I have 12 distinct tags.(TagID) so I only want to return 12 rows.

I want to find the latest value for each tagid based on the (MAX) date field. So really I want a DISTINCT on the tagid and make sure I have the record for the newest date and display the tagid,date and location fields

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SELECT date, tagid, location
FROM table a
WHERE date = (
    SELECT MAX(date)
    FROM table b
    WHERE a.key1 = b.key1
      AND a.key2 = b.key2
      -- etc

Will get you what you want. I'm guessing that WHERE a.tagid = b.tagid will probably be the WHERE clause you want, but if there are other columns that make the row unique, you may need to include those as well.

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Here's a way to produce the desired results without connecting all the key columns in a subquery:

WITH x AS ( 
     SELECT datecol, 
         ROW_NUMBER() OVER ( PARTITION BY tagid ORDER BY datecol DESC ) AS rnum
     FROM sometable
SELECT datecol, tagid, location FROM x WHERE rnum = 1
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