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I have to select specific column from my DataTable using linq I am using this code



But it is giving me all columns and I need only PRODUCTNAME , DESCRIPTION , PRICE

How I can write this query?

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To expand a bit on @lazyberezovsky, you can use an anonymous type projection to get all of the fields you want:

    .Where<DataRow>(r => r.Field<int>("productID") == 23)
    .Select(r => new { ProductName = r.Field<string>("productName"), 
                       Description = r.Field<string>("description"),
                       Price = r.Field<decimal>("price") });

I don't know what name and type your product name, description, and price fields are, so you will have to substitute those.

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Thanks it works.You got my question claerly and your answer is the answer of my question. I know already how to show one field but don't know how to show 3 –  user1390378 May 15 '12 at 13:09

Use Select method:

           .Select(r => r.Field<int>("productID"));

UPDATE: In case you need to select several columns, you can return anonymous type:

var query = from row in dt.ds.Table[0].AsEnumerable()
            where row.Field<int>("productID")==23
            select new  {
                           ProductID = x.Field<string>("productID"),
                           Foo = x.Field<string>("foo")

If you need to copy that data to new table, you'll face problem (CopyToDataTable requires collection of DataRow objects). See How to: Implement CopyToDataTable Where the Generic Type T Is Not a DataRow to solve this problem.

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By this I can pick only one column but I have to pick 3 –  user1390378 May 15 '12 at 12:45

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