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I have this MySQL query:

SELECT DISTINCT hours.project_id
          , projects.name
          , sum(hours.spent_hours) AS expr1
          , sum(hours.invoiced_hours) AS expr2
              , hours.description
ON projects.id = hours.project_id
, projects.id
, projects.name
, hours.description

How would you put pieces in FIND method in CakePHP? I tried several times but without any luck...

I have found this in documentation:

'conditions' => array('Model.field' => $thisValue), //array of conditions
'recursive' => 1, //int
'fields' => array('Model.field1', 'DISTINCT Model.field2'), //array of field names
'order' => array('Model.created', 'Model.field3 DESC'), //string or array defining order
'group' => array('Model.field'), //fields to GROUP BY
'limit' => n, //int
'page' => n, //int
'offset'=>n, //int   
'callbacks' => true //other possible values are false, 'before', 'after'


Other informations about databases:

Project hasMany Hours. Hours belongs to Project. In hours is project_id.

CakePHP 2.1.2.

Thank you! :)

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I assume you are in the Project Model for the following lines.

$result = $this->find(
        'fields' => array(
            'SUM(Hour.spent_hours) AS expr1', 
            'SUM(Hour.invoiced_hours) AS expr2', 
        'group' => array(

You may also want to have a look there to manage calculated fields in you array.

And lastly, I would recommend having a look at the Containable Behavior as it will speed up your DB query and allow to really get only what you need from the DB.

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