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I recently moved from mysql_ functions to PDO, and there is something i can't adapt to my situation.

The problem is the search query, actually i'm doing like that :

$resultat = $DB->prepare('SELECT * FROM `posts` WHERE `title` LIKE :searchterm OR `tags` LIKE :searchterm LIMIT '.$debut.', '.NB_ART);

Knowing that the size of the query may change depending on user search, how can i do something like that :

$tab = explode(' ',$searchterm);
$query = 'SELECT * FROM posts WHERE ';

foreach($tab as $value){
    if( strlen($value)>2 ){
        $query .= ' (`title` LIKE "%'.$value.'%" OR `tags` LIKE "%'.$value.'%") AND';
$query = substr($query,0,-3);
$query .= 'ORDER BY `date` DESC';

// And how can i do the bindParam() here ?

I'll appreciate if you can show me a small example to start with.

Thanks ;)

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$data = array();
$arr_query = array();

$tab = explode(' ',$searchterm);
$query = 'SELECT * FROM posts WHERE ';

foreach($tab as $value){
    if( strlen($value)>2 ){
        // sry for that, but i think implode() better
        $arr_query[] = '(`title` LIKE ? OR `tags` LIKE ?)';

        $data[] = '%'. $value .'%';
        $data[] = '%'. $value .'%';
$query .= implode(' AND', $arr_query);
$query .= ' ORDER BY `date` DESC';

$res = $pdo->prepare($query);

limits in the first example must be protected too.

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Thanks, it helped me. But needed to replace $data[] = $value by $data[] = '%'.$value.'%' –  Piokaz May 16 '12 at 16:52
Yes, you're right, fixed. –  ShaaD May 17 '12 at 8:49

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