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I'm trying to take the below output 2_YEAR_912828SR2_20120514.dat 1337045684 and create a dictionary with the name as the key and date as the value

#get file attributes
datadict = {}

file_list_attr = sftp.listdir_attr()
for f in (file_list_attr): 
   fname = f.filename
   fdate = f.st_mtime

   print fname, fdate

2_YEAR_912828SR2_20120514.dat 1337045684

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Do you mean the name of the file? And the date its created? – Jakob Bowyer May 15 '12 at 13:25
... and what is your question? – Karl Knechtel May 15 '12 at 14:00
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Here is a working example which also takes care for data conversion (timestamp --> date):

from datetime import date

with open("file_with_data.txt", "r") as fl:
    datadict = dict([ (file_name, date.fromtimestamp(float(timestamp))
      for line in fl.readlines() for file_name, timestamp in line.split()])
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This is if you have f as an object with these attributes:

for f in (file_list_attr):
    datadict[f.filename] = f.st_mtime

That's taking your code as it is. But I think you have f as a string, so you would have to split it in two:

for f in (file_list_attr):
    filename, st_mtime = f.split(' ', 2)
    datadict[filename] = st_mtime
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dict((f.filename, f.st_mtime) for f in file_list_attr)

or (didn't understand q apparently) for lines with spaces:

dict(f.split(' ', 2) for f in file_list_attr)
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Not knowing exactly what your code is.

data = {}
for file in file_list:
    data[f.filename] = f.st_mtime
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Is not clear what you need, if you want to process the output of your code to create a dict you could make something like this:

output = """2_YEAR_912828SR2_20120514.dat 1337045684
2_YEAR_912828SR2_20120515.dat 1337045684
2_YEAR_912828SR2_20120516.dat 1337045684"""

result_dict = {}
for l in output.splitlines():
    k, v = l.split()
    result_dict[k] = v
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