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I have a scenario where I am offering different services over the internet, from two different domains. I need to find a way to implement SSO across both domains(i.e. user authenticates in Domain one, then is authenticated without signing on again when they access Domain 2)

Domain 1 has an Apache PHP forms authenticated service Domain 2 has an ASP.NET Active Directory authenticated service(s)

My big sticking point is that for the services running in one domain I HAVE to authenticate against Active Directory. Any suggestions?

(I am only really concerned about users authenticated in Domain1 accessing services from Domain 2, not the other way around)

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hi I face the same issues two weeks a ago , this artical realy help me alot .

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Thanks, very interesting article. It indicates that a cookie for a second domain will be set if the response from the first domain contains a cookie and a redirect to the second domain. I'm surprised, but will give it a go. – user1396203 May 17 '12 at 13:15

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