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i need to get value which first 16 characters are TZxy2o2h2I2NMVR+ for which I have a formula. The formula goes like this: Base64(XOR("KonstantaZaLDAP", MD5(521009)) + XOR(521009, "KonstantaZaLDAP")) or in a word:

I have two values:

  1. int radID = 521009
  2. String konst = "KonstantaZaLDAP"

The first step is to apply XOR operation to konst and MD5 hash value of konst >>XOR(kost, MD5(radID))

Second, I need to apply XOR operation to radID and konst >> XOR(radID, konst).

After that i should concatenate values from first and second step >> XOR(kost, MD5(radID)) + XOR(radID, konst) and finaly Base64 encode concatenated value. That is Base64(XOR(konst, MD5(radID)) + XOR(radID, konst)).

I have tried to achieve wanted value, and whatever I do, I get first 13 characters right, and after that it's all wrong. The value I get is TZxy2o2h2l2NMfUfpPmJNA==

Can anyone help!?

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